• Bennett's Lane Jazz Club (map)
  • 25 Bennetts Lane
  • Melbourne, VIC, 3000
  • Australia

Carl Mackey - saxophones

Mat Jodrell - trumpet

Sam Anning - bass

Mark Fitzgibbon - piano

Sam Bates - drums


His name is synonymous with power and grace on the tenor saxophone, his playing characterised by impassioned ballad performances and ferocious displays of technical ability. Widely regarded as one of the jazz greats, he will be forever revered for his distinctive sound and powers of invention.

It has been 15 years since Joseph 'Joe' Henderson died and his music remains as relevant as it ever did. He managed to achieve what many strive for but few attain, a voice that transcended genres and eras. Joe’s playing was and will forever remain eternally cool.

Tonight this quintet of some of Australia’s finest comes together to celebrate Henderson’s music.

The repertoire, will be hard hitting and beautiful.

Carl Mackey (tenor saxophone), Mat Jodrell (trumpet), Sam Anning (bass), Sam Bates (drums) and Mark Fitzgibbon (piano).

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