On April 30th 2019 Mat’s new album ‘Insurgent’ will be released, featuring the incomparable talents of Will Vinson (saxophone), James Muller (guitar), Sam Anning (bass) and Ben Vanderwal (drums).

This project enlists the talents of five heavyweights of the world Jazz scene. Featuring 100% original music, this album will showcase Australian music and some of its finest exponents.

The band hails from all over Australia and the globe. After many years based in NYC, Mat Jodrell and Sam Anning now reside in Melbourne. Will Vinson is originally from the UK, but has been based in NYC for 10+ years now. James Muller is based in Adelaide, and Ben Vanderwal in Perth. They will be all converging on South Australia and Wizard Tone Studios to combine their talents for a very special record.

In the realm of Australian music, specifically Jazz, this album promises to be a very important addition to the body of work. The musicians chosen here all exist on the world stage, and getting them all in one room at one time to document new music is a rare feat.

Pre-order now HERE! More info and clips HERE!